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  • SOYBEANS (Sep 14) 1091'6 -5'4 9/2/14   7:04 PM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Nov 14) 1024'6 -7'2 9/3/14   1:42 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Jan 15) 1032'4 -7'2 9/3/14   1:43 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Mar 15) 1040'2 -6'6 9/3/14   1:40 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (May 15) 1046'6 -6'0 9/3/14   1:40 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Jul 15) 1052'6 -4'6 9/3/14   1:36 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Aug 15) 1054'6 -2'0 9/3/14   1:20 AM CST
  • CORN (Sep 14) 354'0 -1'6 9/3/14   12:19 AM CST
  • CORN (Dec 14) 361'4 -2'2 9/3/14   1:40 AM CST
  • CORN (Mar 15) 374'4 -2'0 9/3/14   1:38 AM CST
  • CORN (May 15) 382'6 -2'0 9/3/14   1:34 AM CST
  • CORN (Jul 15) 389'2 -2'2 9/3/14   1:14 AM CST
  • CORN (Sep 15) 396'0 -2'2 9/2/14   8:28 PM CST
  • CORN (Dec 15) 404'0 -1'6 9/2/14   10:19 PM CST
  • DISTILLERS' DRIED GRAIN (Sep 14) 120.0 9/2/14   1:15 PM CST
  • DISTILLERS' DRIED GRAIN (Oct 14) 120.0 9/2/14   1:15 PM CST
  • DISTILLERS' DRIED GRAIN (Nov 14) 120.0 9/2/14   1:15 PM CST
  • SOYBEAN MEAL (Sep 14) 4495 106 9/2/14   1:30 PM CST
  • SOYBEAN MEAL (Oct 14) 3716 91 9/2/14   1:30 PM CST
  • SOYBEAN MEAL (Dec 14) 3597 93 9/2/14   1:30 PM CST
  • HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (Sep 14) 615'2     CST
  • HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (Dec 14) 633'0 0'4 9/3/14   1:28 AM CST
  • HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (Mar 15) 640'2 -0'2 9/3/14   1:00 AM CST
  • HARD RED SPRING WHEAT (Sep 14) 617'6     CST
  • HARD RED SPRING WHEAT (Dec 14) 623'0 0'2 9/3/14   1:28 AM CST
  • HARD RED SPRING WHEAT (Mar 15) 635'4 0'0 9/2/14   7:00 PM CST



Syngenta Agrisure® Viptera™ and Duracade™ Communication
Since November, China’s authorities have rejected more than 600,000 tonnes of U.S. corn and corn products containing the unauthorized Syngenta corn trait, Agrisure® Viptera™.  The trait, known as MIR 162, has been awaiting China’s approval for more than 2 years.   This spring, Syngenta has released Agrisure® Duracade™ another trait that has yet to be approved by most world grain importers.  The Agrisure® Stewardship Agreements for Viptera™ and Duracade™ Hybrids require that growers channel grain that is produced from these traits to appropriate markets to prevent movement to a destination that has not yet granted regulatory approval for import.  Both hybrids are available to local grain producers for the 2014 growing season.

While Concord Grain sees agricultural technologies, including genetically modified products, as important ways to address the increasing demand for food, feed, and fuel we must also operate our business in a manner that respects the requirements of our industry partners and end use customers.  The primary markets that Concord Grain services with either whole grain or from by-product (DDG’s) has the potential to reach countries that have not yet approved the Viptera™ or Duracade™ traits.  This exposure will not allow Concord Grain to accept grain production from the Syngenta Agrisure® Viptera™ or Duracade™ hybrids. 

If you are planting or plan to plant either of these hybrids, please contact us and we will work with you to try to find a market that meets the content of your Stewardship Agreement with Syngenta.  We will continue to communicate any updates to you regarding this topic.   


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"Honesty transcends age. Honesty is who we are and what we do and if you stay around long enough, you get the last laugh."

~ Steven Tyler,  Lead Singer of Areosmith

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DTN Farm Business
Friday, August 22, 2014 11:30AM CDT
The American Farm Bureau Federation asked a federal appeals court to reverse a lower court's September 2013 decision that EPA can set "pollution diets" in Chesapeake Bay.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 12:01PM CDT
As crop prices and insurance coverage swoon, farmers may need to supplement incomes with federal farm support programs.

New Program

Stephanie Herman 
Concord Grain, LLC  /  Farm Marketer 

My name is Stephanie Herman and I grew up on a farm near Wells, Mn.  I graduated from South Dakota State University in May 2013 with an Animal Science degree.  After graduation I worked for Cargill 1 year originating grain in southwest Minnesota.  I have just recently moved to Aberdeen and I am excited to be back in South Dakota and working for Concord Grain as a Farm Marketer.  As your local Farm Marketer, I provide unique tools to help you balance opportunity and risk in the marketplace.  I look forward to working individually with you to create a marketing plan that works best for your operation.
My cell phone number is 605-290-9825.


We are now accepting Delayed Price Corn with no DP charges or fees based on the following program details:
  • Contract bushels must be declared or established PRIOR to delivery.
  • As bushels are priced, they must be priced from the nearby bid and cannot be forward priced into the deferred months.
  • No DP charges through 10/15/14.  Must be priced by 10/15/14.  Bushels unpriced will be rolled into the Fall 2014 DP program with program specifics that are in effect at that time.
  • This free DP Program is subject to elevator space and is subject to change at anytime.
  • Please note recent South Dakota PUC requirements below regarding Delayed Price contracts that are also referred to as Credit Sale Contracts.

South Dakota PUC Ruling Requirements

Due to court rulings that are dated back to April 2013, regarding Voluntary Credit Sales (a.k.a. Delayed Price Contracts or DP Contracts), the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission - Warehouse Division has notified Concord Grain, LLC that we are required to have signed Delayed Price contracts returned to us within 30 days of the first last consecutive day during the delivery period of your grain. 

*If Concord Grain does not have a signed delayed price contract in our possession 30 days after the last first day of consecutive delivery, the grain will be priced out at the day's close and a check will be mailed to the customer.

Our staff at Concord Grain appreciates the chance to earn your business !

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DTN Crops News
Friday, August 22, 2014 11:45AM CDT
A University of Illinois entomologist and his grad student endure summer heat and impressive heights to track the dispersal habits of the western corn rootworm, which is proving to be alarmingly mobile.

Friday, August 15, 2014 10:26AM CDT
Researchers at the University of Nebraska and Purdue University have pinpointed a gene that produces semi-determinate soybean plants, in the hopes that their smaller stature could help farmers with lodging in high-yielding environments.

Friday, August 15, 2014 10:24AM CDT
With reports of heavy rootworm pressure surfacing in the Corn Belt, entomologists are urging growers to get out and dig roots to check their level of rootworm pressure before they select seed for next year.

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